ONIS offers specialized customer services to maintain and improve your operations

We assist all our customers in the success of their operations

Safety, efficiency and reliability on your installations is a daily ONIS’ concerns. In order to be operational and avoid a maximum of risks, we propose to assist you during the installation and the commissioning of of your Onis devices.
Moreover, when you buy an Onis device you get 18 months of warranty that’s include a training of operators during commissioning and start-up.

On demand services

Training center

Mastering Onis technology at your fingertips with our training center. Get more benefits from your Onis devices by training your operators. On demand safety training sessions to qualify (or requalify) your operators:

How to operate an Onis device

How to replace gaskets

Get nominative certificate for 2 years

Visit on site: Diagnostic of your device installations

Our experts go on site to perform a diagnostic free of charge to know the condition of your equipment and report with highlights of performance and safety related issues in order to provide you recommendations (training sessions, repairs, retrofits, …).

Repairs and retrofits operations

Inspection and troubleshooting

Breakdown and assistance

Upgrade studies and design modifications (revamp, debottlenecking)

Supply of proprietary gaskets

There are only 4 seals on the slide gate and no internal (backseat) seals or moving parts that can be difficult to change in the field. The advantage of this feature is that all seals can be inspected, and changed if needed, without opening the line. When the line is blinded, the full-bore seals are accessible and available to easily change them.


Improve your devices efficiency with Onis Care

We create a trusted relationship with our valued customers. Focus on your production, we take care of your Onis devices with a dedicated regional team and a 24/7 on site assistance. Be a partner of our Onis Care’s community.

Operator qualification: Training for operators, maintenance people and engineers, providing them the necessary knowledge for a safe and reliable blinding operation.

Annual diagnosis: Once a year, our support team checks on-site the correct state of your Onis devices, analyzes your requirements by issuing a report and advises best solutions.

Emergency service: Availability within short notice of our experienced engineers to analyze your emergency, determine the level of service or maintenance and support for in-site or off-site repairs.

Spare parts availability: Supply of adequate seals and other original parts at market conditions and immediate availability guarantee.

Onis customer services

Frequently Asked Questions

How is an ONIS device working ?

A ONIS device is mechanical equipment which permits to one person without any tool to spread the pipe thanks to eccentric shafts in order to permit the sliding movement of the gate equipped or not with accessories. More information on “Concept & product” & VIDEO ONIS_PLB 3D_06_2014 & VIDEO 2 (Serie 1 Ep 2)

What range of products can you supply ?

We have manufactured equipment from 1’’ to 52’’, up to 420 bars, from -120°C to +650°C Depends on the devices more information on the product page.

What are the applied standards to ONIS devices ?

There is no specific standard for designing and manufacturing mechanized line blinds or ONIS devices. Flange to flange dimensions are specific and function of calculation results which are based on ASME VIII pressure vessel code.