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Storage and transport

Seaport for petrochemicals storage and transport.

Storage and transport

Seaports and tank farms, salty caverns storages are one of the oldest ONIS line blinds’ applications. From production units to at the bottom of loading arms on piers or to storage and transport capacities, the main goal of using ONIS line blinds are to protect environment but avoid any mix of different media. If segregation of the products is not guaranteeing the storage and loading managing company may have to bear the costs of treating polluted products and soiled equipment (vessel, pipes, tanks, etc.) or even the demurrage and operating losses of its customers (shipowners or producers). Many thousands of ONIS line blinds are installed in pipes manifolds or scrappers stations in order to guarantee to users, customers and insurance companies involved in storage and transport industry, pollution free products management by 100% segregation of the products thanks to ONIS positive isolations’ solutions. Concerned media: Refined products as crude oil, gasoline, Jet fuel but also cryogenic and chemical products as MTBE, Acids, Caustic soda, NH3, LPG etc.

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  • Underground storages
  • Tanks farms and seaports
  • Manifolds

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