Quick Action Filter Changer

Quick Action Filter Changer: A piping equipment to change in line perforated strainers in few seconds

ONIS Quick Filters Changer device (QFC) developed by ONIS permit one operator to change in a few decades of seconds a conical strainer without using tools and permits saving equipment integrity, saving production time and the efficiency of the process (quality of filtration and optimal flow).

3D comparison between traditional filter change and a Onis Quick Filter Changer.

Technical sheet

3D view of an operator handling a Onis Quick Filter Changer on a pipeline.

Why using a Quick Filter Changer ?

Piping cones or flat strainers are used to protect downstream equipment. The purpose of these temporary filters is to avoid damage and clogging of pumps, compressors, boosters, or regulation valves in different applications such as oil, petrochemicals, chemical, steel, power, water, or food industries.

The main cost of perforated cone filters is not their cost themselves, but the shutdown time to disassemble the pipe to extract the dirty cone/flat strainer and to insert a new strainer into the pipe spool piece and tight all the bolts and nuts.

Depending on the size of the pipe and the weight of the strainer, the production time lost and the safety risks can be significant.

The Onis Quick Filter Changer can be equipped with two strainers to proceed to a very quick change or one strainer and one blinding disc to permit the operator to do safe positive isolation of the downstream equipment for maintenance. Thanks to QFC, the time opening of the pipe is drastically reduced and limits exposure of operators and environmental risks.

How it works

One cone strainer is on line while the other is on hold outside of the pipe.

As for an ONIS line blind, the gaskets are accessible for checks or change while the process is running.

As soon as the filter is clogged and the loss of flow is noticed, it is compulsory to shut off the upstream and downstream valve and function of the risk analysis to blind the pipe with upstream mechanical line blind. After draining the pipe, one operator will proceed as well as a standard ONIS Line blind: The flange spreading movement is generated by efficient and reliable synchronized eccentric shafts which allows the displacement of the “two linked tubes equipped with strainers”.

This quick action clamping mechanism is self-locking and resistant to overpressure and vibration

In less than 1 minute, you perform the change of the perforated strainer without disassembling a pipe spool piece which requires a lot of stuff and staff.

When your process is back in production, the maintenance team has all the time to insert a cleaned strainer in the hold tube.

ONIS QFC makes your filter change operation safe, efficient, and profitable.

3D Half view of a Onis Quick Filter Changer.

Technical specifications

All Onis devices are designed following these specifications:

  • Forged bodies up to 40”
  • Spreading design with no internal mechanism
  • Perfect sealings – 100 % full bore
  • Motorization available


  • Dimensions Flange to Flange is depending of the filter caracteristics.
  • For estimation: please add to standard ONIS Line Blind Flange to Flange to the length of your actual filter with 100mm added or contact us.
3D Half view of a Onis Quick Filter Changer.
Onis Quick filter changer behind a quick action line blind, set up on site.

For any others ratings or design conditions fill free to contact ONIS.


Mechanized / Automated

When design conditions, safety or project required the ONIS devices can be motorized in order to facilitate the handling of the ONIS equipment.

Pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical actuators can be adapted on any ONIS device.
Automation can also be adapted with live reporting to the local or remote control room.
So, perform a remote positive isolation, rupture disc change or filter replacement is available with ONIS technology.

Custom designs

For each equipment, design conditions and media are requested in order to check the compatibility or the design of ONIS equipments.

Even if ASME Code is used for calculation and design, any project of customers’ specifications can be followed on demand as :

  • Materials
  • Specific design for congested area
  • Welding overlay
  • Weight restriction
  • Explosion proof requirement
  • Specific limit switches
  • Motorization
  • Firesafe

And so, ONIS engineers team are available to define with the end user the specifications and performance objectives

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Onis device firesafe test bench

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