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Hydrocarbons / Hydrocarbons Hydrocarbons Originally developed for refineries since 1979, ONIS solutions equipped all units involved in hydrocarbon units and utilities (steam, gas, nitrogen,...). From upstream to downstream, ONIS Line blinds are used as battery limits...


Olefins / Olefins Olefins All processes producing olefins have been equipped with ONIS technology (steam crackers, MTO, CTO,…). In steam cracker units, Onis technology permits to reduce human factors. ONIS has more than 1500 line blind in steam crackers which...

Перекачивание газа

Gas transmission / Gas transmission Gas transmission Around 800 line blinds from 2 to 20” 600 rating class 600 are installed on natural gas networks. Nodal or compression stations are equipped with ONIS Line blinds which permit to absolutely isolate decades of...

Добыча газа

Gas production / Gas production Gas production Industrial or medical gas production units can be equipped with different goals: ONIS line blind can be used in order to prevent loss/consumption of production, battery limits as units’ isolation or bottling units. Thus,...

Хранение и транспортировка

Storage & Transport / Storage & Transport Storage & Transport Seaports and tank farms, salty cavern storage are one of the oldest ONIS line blinds’ applications. From production units at the bottom of loading arms on piers or to storage and transport...