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Quick Action Line Blind

Operate in minutes, without tools and outperform conventional pipe blind methods such as using a spectacle blind, slip blind, figure-8 and blind plate. The Onis line blind valve helps you increase your production time by reducing your downtime and OPEX.

mechanized pipe blind with blind plate used to isolate pipe

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    The ONIS Quick Action Line Blind lets you keep your process up and running.

    The Onis Quick Action Line blind valve is designed for critical applications. It offers a number of advantages over traditional methods of performing positive isolation, such as spectacle blinds. One of the main benefits of the Onis Quick Action Line Blind is that it can be operated in just minutes by a single operator, without the need for any tools. This means that it can greatly reduce downtime during maintenance operations, making it a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. In addition to its ease of use, the Onis Quick Action Line Blind is also designed for durability and reliability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

    Save time

    Increase safety

    No tools

    Green design

    Get pay back

    How does it work?

    Better than an isolation valve it is an advanced alternative to spectacle blind, pancake blind, figure-8 blind or slip blind flange. Our mechanical isolation blinds guarantee a complete tightness from upstream to downstream to safely isolate industrial piping process.

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    Note: As for the traditional blinding system, before the operation of the ONIS Line blind (QLB), the pipe must be depressurized before starting the blinding operation.

    Caution, even if the product is called Onis line blind valve, it is not a valve because it can’t completely replace a valve due to the pipe opening, it only allows to mechanize a figure-8 blind / spectacle blind flange.

    For every projects we have a suitable size range

    Diameter up to

    Class up to

    Min temperature up to

    Max temperature up to

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is an ONIS device working ?

    A ONIS device is mechanical equipment which permits to one person without any tool to spread the pipe thanks to eccentric shafts in order to permit the sliding movement of the gate equipped or not with accessories.

    What range of products can you supply ?

    We have manufactured equipment from 1’’ to 52’’, up to 420 bars, from -120°C to +650°C Depends on the devices more information on the product page.

    Do ONIS devices are compatible with all types of media ? Gas, fluid, with particles ?

    All types of media have been operated with ONIS devices. Fluids, gas-charged media with particles, etc.

    Can ONIS Quick Action Line blind replace a valve?

    No, a mechanized line blind is not a valve. It is a mechanical device which replaces figure 8 or spectacle blind. A line blind is a real positive isolation device and a valve is not: when a valve leaks, the leak is going downstream into the pipe. With a line blind, it is impossible because upstream and downstream pipes are physically separated with a steel plate. More information on the blog article “Positive Isolation Level of piping.”