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Fire Safe design by ONIS

A Great advance for reducing risks: ONIS Fire Safe Design

Onis Fire safe test bench in action
Fire-safe test bench

Protecting operators & facilities:

Fire incidents offshore and onshore oil & gas installations must be immediately contained before they cause major disaster.

In case of fire, the community, the operators, and the environment will be exposed to an extreme danger.

Equipment damages, shutdown of units, production loss, even human casualties. Some of the many threats out of a fire incident.

Fortunately, ONIS are constantly seeking to improve the efficiency and the quality of their Line Blinds. Delivering safety to our whole product range is our number one priority.

ONIS Line Blind Fire Safe design:

Developed through more than 44 years of experience and research, the Fire Safe design technology guarantees the integrity of the Line Blind into the heart of fire.

With only 4 seals (all of them being easily accessible on the slide gate) in a sturdy mechanical design that meets high manufacturing standards, ONIS guarantees 100% positive isolation under extreme operating conditions (pressure and temperature) as well as through exceptional incidents such as fires…

ONIS Fire-Safe construction has a superior resistance to high temperature flames’ constraints: Finite elements analysis and simulation allow any appropriate material grade to be matched. Thus, the mechanical expansion is controlled so the tightness is still ensured.

All Fire-Safe Line Blinds are fitted with expanded graphite body seals: The controlled compression of a graphite seal in a groove with a specific ONIS design and in outer of an elastomer O-ring, ensures a leak-free tightness even at very high temperatures.

The main result of this technology is that the Onis Fire-Safe Line Blinds reach the same great set-up tightness before, during and after fire.

Moreover, than tightness, the Fire-Safe Line Blind remains operable after fire extinguishment.

With ONIS Line Blind safety is certain & certified:

The Fire-Safe test were carried out using a fire test bench complying with the requirements of ISO 10497: 2010 and API607 sixth edition, September 2010, ensuring the highest level of security. ONIS R&D team pursues the goal of designing each day the safest and most reliable positive isolation solution possible. Innovation is in our DNA and guiding our footsteps for the future.

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