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Onis Hi-Safe Explains

What is the Onis Hi-safe product range ?

The Hi-Safe products are a specific product line designed to answer all levels of safety for critical process applications.

Interlocks controlled with keys are used to manage the correct operational sequence and function of the blind. The basic Hi-Safe system uses a single key lock to manage the authorization of line blind’s operation – B1K Blind with 1 Key.

The B1K also provides a second safety feature option comprised of a patented safety boss on the slide gate.

Safety Boss is a machined raised surface that prevents the bodies from being clamped and locked when the slide gate is not in the full blind or unblinded position.

A next-level higher control system is provided with an S2S, a Step-to-Step product line where the system is comprised of multiple keys that can only be used in a specific sequence to ensure safe operation of the blind throughout the operational procedure.

The D3B or “Double Block, Bleed and Blind” is the flagship of the Hi-Safe product line.

This system is comprised of an upstream valve, mechanical blind, and downstream valve that are all interlocked together. There are significant benefits achieved by this system where an operator cannot perform the blinding operation without the connected piping being first isolated from the system.

Additional safety features include the D3B+ where the bleeder ports are also interlocked to ensure the blind connected piping is first drained and depressurized before the blind functions.

Onis hi-safe range table compare the different levels of safety between each products.
Onis Hi-safe range summary table

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