ONIS piping devices make your
operations on pipes worth & safer !

Onis solutions for industrial piping

Onis industrial piping components are patented innovations specially designed to provide ultra-safe piping work solutions in order to permit to one person in few minutes, without tools to perform piping opening operations. The main concept of our products is to avoid piping bolting components while mechanizing the pipe flanges spreading.

Quick Action Line Blind (QLB) is our flagship product. It allows to provide a complete positive isolation in minutes offering a significant gain in efficiency compared to time-consuming, laborious and dangerous traditional blinding methods.

Double Block Bleed & Blind (D3B) it’s an improvement of our Quick Action Line Blind. It provides a complete positive isolation in one device designed to avoid human factor’s risk by sequencing the operation. The D3B is also reducing drastically the distance between valves and the blinding plate and consequently the wasted products.

Quick Rupture Disc Changer (QDC) permits to change a rupture disc in a few minutes without any tools in complete safety. This equipment permit to change preventively without downtime safety rupture disc or recover your normal safety status of your production process after rupture disc activation.

3D comparison between traditional rupture disc replacement vers an Onis Quick Rupture Disc changer.

Quick Filter Changer (QFC) is designed to optimize the strainer’s change on pipes. It allows to replace a conic filter in few minutes without any tools. This ONIS device permits to combine protection of your major production equipments as pumps, compressors, regulations valves with optimization of your production processes.

3D comparison between traditional filter change and a Onis Quick Filter Changer.

How Onis components works ?

Our industrial piping solutions are set in factory for all life time and guarantee a perfect sealing of ONIS piping devices. All ONIS products have 5 key features in their DNA :


All our products are designed to optimize the safety of your installation and reduce human factor. Set in our factory, whoever is operating the ONIS equipments, the tightness will be guaranteed and secured by a self-locking design. In additional, fast operation and a small required pipe spreading movement reduce drastically the risk of leaks and exposure for the operators and the environment.

Green design

The protection of the environment is one of the major concerns of our century. That is why our products are designed to have a minimal environmental impact on your maintenance operations. By draining a maximum of media into the pipe before opening to the atmosphere and reducing the spreading movement of the pipes by only few millimeters, the risk of leaks and environmentally harmful fugitive emissions is greatly reduced. You avoid at the same time important costs of reprocessing wastes.


The piping opening operation can be performed in few minutes by one person with no tool and thus avoids time-consuming and fugitive emissions, laborious, and dangerous traditional piping operations’ methods. Your maintenance operations times are reduced, you save money while increasing a significant amount of production time.


All ONIS equipment is entirely tailor-made and adapted to your application. 100% of our products are tested and calibrated in our workshop according to your technical requirements.

Pay back

By carefully studying your needs and your application, we design together adapted solutions in order to meet your need of return of investment within one to two years maximum but also limiting your OPEX for coming decades with low maintenance requirements.