Quick Action Line Blind - Large dimension WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE innovative blinding technology used
to safely isolate process piping.
A Onis quick action line blind on a pipeline WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE safe, quick-action blinds to isolate process piping. One person. Simple operation. Zero tools. SCROLL Onis quick action line blind on an upstream platform. Efficient mechanical systems for piping Demonstrated to provide up to 95% reduced downtime compared to conventional isolating equipment. SCROLL 3 Onis line blind valve on manifolds. WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE quick, safe, and reliable equipment for piping operation. SCROLL WIDE APPLICATION RANGE INCLUDING EXTREME
WE ARE WORKING TO FIND MORE safe and sustainable solutions for our customers. SCROLL

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Since 1979, ONIS has a large global footprint focused on delivering green, safe, high pay back blinding solutions for customers in mid and downstream petrochemical industries. With products that have been innovated on for more than forty years and installed in more than 14,000 different applications, ONIS is the technology leader for providing positive isolation technologies and trusted for use in extreme, critical process applications.


Enables ability to blind a pipe in minutes with only one person and zero tools.

The simple and reliable ONIS quick Action Line Blind can be operated easily by only one person and without tools.

Minimal operating time ranging from 1 to 15 minutes maximum depending on the product size and configuration.

Comparison of an ONIS line blind versus a traditional blinding operation

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