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Onis Custom design

For each equipment, design conditions and media are requested in order to check the compatibility or the design of ONIS equipments.

Mechanized / Automated

When design conditions, safety or project required the ONIS devices can be motorized in order to facilitate the handling of the ONIS equipment.

Pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical actuators can be adapted on any ONIS device.
Automation can also be adapted with live reporting to the local or remote control room.
So, perform a remote positive isolation, rupture disc change or filter replacement is available with ONIS technology.

Other Onis custom design options

Even if ASME Code is used for calculation and design, any project of customers’ specifications can be followed on demand as :

  • Materials
  • Specific design for congested area
  • Welding overlay
  • Weight restriction
  • Explosion proof requirement
  • Specific limit switches
  • Motorization

And so, ONIS engineers team are available to define with the end user the specifications and performance objectives

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