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Onis Hi-Safe Explains

What is the Onis Hi-safe product range ? The Hi-Safe products are a specific product line designed to answer all levels of safety for critical process applications. Interlocks controlled with keys are used to manage the correct operational sequence and function of the...
Onis Custom design

Onis Custom design

For each equipment, design conditions and media are requested in order to check the compatibility or the design of ONIS equipments. Mechanized / Automated When design conditions, safety or project required the ONIS devices can be motorized in order to facilitate the...
Fire Safe design by ONIS

Fire Safe design by ONIS

A Great advance for reducing risks: ONIS Fire Safe Design Fire-safe test bench Protecting operators & facilities: Fire incidents offshore and onshore oil & gas installations must be immediately contained before they cause major disaster. In case of fire, the...